Waiting Room

The large waiting area is split into two sections, one area is specially inviting for kids as it has a very unique fish tank and a miniature village model in a doll house. A T.V. monitor plays informational videos on pet health. The reception desk is wide with at least two receptionists handling clients.

Pet Shop

The Pet shop carries a variety of pet foods, shampoo and other pet necessities.

Exam Room

There are four large exam rooms each equipped with exam tables, seating for clients, X-ray viewers, and informational booklets.

Surgery Center

The surgery center has all the latest equipments including laser surgery, heart monitors, and hospital quality lighting.

Intensive Care Unit

The intensive care room is a glass enclosed area so that post-op patients can be under constant supervision.


Hesperia Animal Hospital does dentistry also and is able to perform routine dental cleanings, as well as tooth extractions, if necessary.

Lab and Pharmacy

The hospital has its own laboratory where most blood, and urine analysis can be done. The well stocked pharmacy can fill most prescriptions.


The grooming facilities are located on the second floor that can be reached by stairway or elevator. The groomer has more than twenty years experience.